Terms of service


Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms".) Is intended to define the terms and conditions related to services provided by THE DOG STORE operated by Corporation THE DOG COMPANY.

Article 1 (Definitions)

Definition of terms used in this Agreement, and as follows.

(1) This store. "
Store which we opened on the web site "THE DOG STORE"
(2) "Company"
The Dog Company Inc.
(3) "Member"
Performs a member registration application in accordance with the Company prescribed procedures, individuals that we have approved
(4) "Service"
We provide, services to sell products in this store
(5) "user"
Including members and non-members, those who use this service

Article 2 (For this Agreement)

This agreement relates to providing and the use of the service, will be applied to the Company and the user.
The Company is separately determined by separate regulations in this store ( "Shipping Policy」、「About returned goods / exchangeIt includes each regulations such as ". ) Shall constitute a part of this Agreement.
If the user has to use the Service, you agree to the Terms and Conditions at that time.

Article 3 (subscription)

Those who wish to membership registration of this service (hereinafter referred to as "seekers.") Is, on that you agree to the Terms, shall be made a member of the registration application in the manner prescribed by the Company.
If the person who wants to apply for membership registration, will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms at the time.
Company, confirmed the contents of the application for registration of the first term, by approval, and member registration is completed. However, if applicable to the provisions of the items below, the Company shall be able to not approve the membership registration, the applicant, to the Company, which by the compensation and disclosure of the reason for the damage and that can not be claims arising increase.
(1) Incorrect information in the registration information at the time of application, if they contain different information or false information and hope in person
(2) Any reason, if the application of the past in the registration from the desired who are subject to the disposition of the suspension of use of this service from our company have been performed
(3) Seekers, gangster, gang quasi-members, says racketeers, members of the anti-social forces that conform to the other this social movement, such as advocating grounder or special intelligence gang members and (hereinafter referred to as "anti-social forces, etc." .) If it turns out to be, or anti-social forces such as is found to have a substantially involved to have officers or equal anti-social forces is an employee or the like of the corporation and some related to the management case
(4) If the same person is determined to have carried out more than one member registration application
(5) If the applicant is in breach of this Terms
(6) If the person who wants to reside outside of Japan
(7) If it is determined that the other company is inadequate
Members shall promptly change the change procedure if changes occur to registration information.
Members shall manage login information (ID and password, etc.) at their own risk. You can not use login information to third parties, renaming, transfer, gifts or modifications.
Members shall guarantee that your self-made member registration application is legal and true.
If you wish to withdraw, the member shall apply for a residence by the method separately defined.

Article 4 (Establishment of trading)

If the user purchased a product on this store according to the procedure set forth by the Company, the sales contract between the Company and the user will establish a sales contract between the Company and the user when the user is sent to the user on our system. It will be
Ownership of the product shall be transferred from our company to the user when the product reaches the address specified by the user.
If the user has applied for product purchasing on this store, the condition of the sales contract for the product presented on this store (including the contents of the product, the amount of money, special contracts on return time, etc., It is not limited to these.) Confirm and agree.

Article 5 (Delivery of the product)

Product delivery destination is limited to addresses in Japan. Transfer from overseas can not be specified as the delivery destination.
After receiving the product, it will be opened quickly and shall not differ in the order content and quantity, or make sure that the quality is incompatible.
If the user discovers the difference in material, quantity or quality of quantity,About returned goods / exchangeWe shall contact us according to the time limit and method set forth in ".

Article 6 (Payment)

The payment method of the product (including the actual cost of the shipping cost) is "Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions LawIt is limited to what is determined in "Payment method".
Users shall pay the payment for the payment terms specified by the Company and the payment date.
The user accepts the claims that the Company will transfer the receivables to a third party if the Company's payment is delayed, and the anti-valve right of cancellation of the relevant receivables, the repair valve right of Disabled and cancellation of revolve or eliminates any other anti-valve rights.

Article 7 (Delete member registration, stop using this service)

If the user has the following actions, it is possible to take measures such as deletion of membership registration of the members and the use of the user's use of the user.
(1) Act for membership registration with false information
(2) An action to settle the price for a third party's name
(3) Act using others' ID and password
(4) Acts that disadvantage or damage to our company or other members or third parties
(5) Profit activities related to this service, operating behavior and other commercial acts
(6) Etc, such as buying a large amount of goods, repeating the purchase cancellation in a short period of time, and other users have trouble using this service
(7) An act that makes it impossible or difficult to deliver products by the Company, such as repeating receipt and long-term absence, etc.
(8) Acts against public order and morals
(9) Act that violates law or law
(10) Act that prevents the operation of this service
(11) Act for damaging our credit
(12) Excessive load on the system of this service
(13) Act that unauthorized access to our network or system, etc. or trying unauthorized access
(14) Action that infringes the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, publicity rights and other rights of our company
(15) Profit donation to antisocial forces
(16) Other Acts that we judge as inappropriate
In addition to the preceding paragraph, even when the user corresponds to the following items, the Company can immediately delete the member registration of the member, and take measures for use or access, or take action. increase.
(1) When violating each term term of this term
(2) If there is a petition for suspension or payment, or the bankruptcy procedure starts, civil rehabilitation procedure, company reorganization procedure, special clearing procedure and other kind of procedure started to start.
(3) If it turns out that it is an antisocial forces or the like, or if it has a relationship with antisocial forces etc.
(4) If there is no response to contact inquiries from our company or other answers, there is no response to one month or more
(5) In addition, if we decide that we are not appropriate as a user or member of this service
If the Company will remove member registration and take measures for the use of this service with each other, members or users will naturally due to a member or user. Lose the benefit of and immediately have to pay for all debt to our company.
Based on this section, we shall not be liable for any damage caused by members or users by the measures taken by the Company, and do not disclose the reason for the measures.

Article 8 (cancellation)

In the next case, we can cancel the sales contract with the user.
(1) If our company determines if the user may violate this Agreement or may violate
(2) When it corresponds to Article 7, paragraph 1, paragraph 1 of this term,
(3) If there is no payment for a predetermined payment deadline
(4) If the user can not receive the product, such as the destination unknown, receipt rejection or long-term absence
(5) If you do not receive the product within 7 days from the product shipping date (in this case, the shipping contractor will automatically return to our company.)
(6) If the product can not be shipped due to stock shortages or product production
Our companyAbout returned goods / exchangeIn the case of defining in ", we will respond to return and exchange from the user.
Cancellation by user convenience is not permitted except when we have specially recognized.

Article 9 (Intellectual Property Rights, etc.)

All materials used in this store, content, image and other work (hereinafter referred to as "works, etc.") You) All the rights and other rights are attributed to the third party with the Company or the right.
Members and users include all works provided through this service without consent of the right holder, including It is not limited to these.)
If a problem occurs by violating the preceding paragraph, the user shall solve the problems such as self-responsibilities and expenses and do not give any nuisance or damage to the Company.

Article 10 (Handling of Personal Information)

Usage of this service and personal information provided at the time of member registration (hereinafter referred to as "registration information") will own. Registration information isPersonal Information Protection PolicyManage properly based on, and try to prevent leakage.
We provide information about the user as needed to achieve the purpose of using personal information, for a third party who consigns some work such as product delivery.

Article 11 (Change, Stop or Deprecated)

We shall be able to change, stop or abolish the content of the service at any time by our judgment. At the time of change, stop or abolition, we will strive to not disadvantage to members, and notify by notifications and emails on this store.
We shall not be liable even if the user is damaged, even if the user is damaged.

Article 12 (Disclaimer)

We are obligated to compensate for damage caused by communication failure and system failure (not limited to mail transmission and payment procedure errors, etc.) due to communication failure or system failure. I do not want.
We have no obligation to compensate for damage caused by any reasons, including communication disorders and system disabilities that occur on the user side.
Regardless of the provisions of the previous two paragraphs, the Company is responsible for damages if the user has caused a loss due to intentional or serious negligence.

Article 13 (damages)

We shall be responsible for compensation for damages that occur directly and in reality when damaging users for the use of this service.

Article 14 (Transfer, etc.)

Users can not transfer all or part of the contractual status and a part of the rights obligations caused by this term, to a third party without prior consent consecutive consent.

Article 15 (Revision of Terms)

In the following cases, the Company shall be able to change these terms by the discretion of our company.
(1) When the change of the Terms Conditions Meets General Profits of Users
(2) When the change of the Terms of Conditions is not against the contracted purpose, and the need for changes, the equivalent of the content after the change, the content of the change, and the content of the change, and the circumstances concerned with other changes
The Company will change the Terms of Conditions 14 days before the Change Terms of Change, and then It will be posted or email notified by email.
When a member or user uses this service after the effect of the Changes after the change, it is assumed that the service is agreed to change this term.

Article 16 (agreement jurisdiction)

If a dispute occurs in terms of the Terms of Terms, or the user shall be solved with the user with sincerity, but if you need to solve and a case, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Simple Court is exclusive to the first trial. It is an agreement jurisdiction.

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