Legal notice


Transactions on the Internet (e-commerce) will be included in the mail-order sales of the "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions".
"Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" to display as follows on the basis of Article 11. Please read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions.

Sales business name



Yubinbango140-0002 Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Higashi 4-12-6 Shinagawa Seaside Canal Tower 19F

telephone number

Toll-free: 0120-080-082 (R & J Customer Center)


Suzumi Sumitaka

Business Officer

Yoshitaka Ishida

Store Contact

What is included in the product price

In commodity prices, it contains the consumption tax.

If the total amount of purchase is less than ¥ 11,000 (including tax), shipping charges described "About Shipping" will occur depending on the shipping method.

About Application

Establishment of the sales contract

If you have a sign up for purchase goods on the store in accordance with the procedure established by the Company, sale and purchase agreement between the user and the company at the time that originated the e-mail purchase completion to the user on our system will be established ( Terms and Conditions Article 4).

About the payment method

Cash on delivery

The COD is a service that give you the goods to the price in exchange for delivery at the time.
Commodity price Please pay in cash to the delivery member.

[Contractor name] Sagawa Express(There might be to use the other carrier.)

※ cash on delivery fee is required separately. For more informationShipping PolicyPlease refer to the.
※ Since the shipping company does not offer specified, please understand.
※ There is a commodity of some "COD" so please be careful.

credit card

The payment method, regardless of the card company,Lump-sum payment onlyIt will be.
You will be charged to your designated credit card at the time of shipping products.
The following cards are available.

JCB / VISA / Japan Diners / Master / American Express

Reservation goods your case of order on the relationship between the settlement approval deadline, there is a case where I am allowed to account for credit card payment before delivery. Please acknowledge.

Convenience store payment

Those who choose the convenience store payment, please complete your payment within 5 days after you ordered.
We ship goods after a payment check. We will send e-mail from separately to target customers,
On the check and you numbers that are listed in there, thank you for payment at selected convenience stores. It will be charged separately the 190 yen ⼿数Ryo ※.
※ In the case of delivery to some areas, such as the case and islands on both sides of the warehouse holidays such as public holidays, please understand that there is a possibility that the delivery date is delayed by the timing of the payment.

◎ Gori_⽤ possible convenience store
Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, Lawson, Ministop, Daily Yamazaki, Seicomart

About the delivery of goods

About delivery specification

Long-term due to reserve goods are not heard in your order.
Your designated by the delivery specification will be accepted dates are, by now except for the reservation acceptance goods, we have been with the delivery specified wear date within two weeks from the date of order.
You will if you do not go along in the hope to that effect let us know.
To order, thank you get your order in the always-mail address, your phone number can take the contact us.
(※ e-mail address, please do not once again check the security settings such as setting or domain of junk e-mail.)
When there is no connection to the due date you give me a reply is, whether I am allowed to ship at no delivery specified, there is a case where I am allowed to cancel your order.
Humbly Please acknowledge.

For gift for ships

Normally, if the person who orders and shipping like are different, becomes the dispatch of gift handling, (with the amounts described) invoice to deliver goods is not attached, instead of there, will be delivered goods from the "~ like masu. is a description of the effect of "there will be attached to your invitation (no amount of money described).
Indeed excuse me, please understand kindly because we do not transfer or the like of the time (there Amounts) invoice of the to the person who ordered.

Carrier to be used at the time of shipment

Normally, it will be shipped out in Sagawa Express. However, you may want to use other shipping company by the circumstances of this store.
Regardless of the payment method, it will be the bulk shipments from the aligned product ordered all.

About the shipment period

If there is a stock

We plan to dispatch in 2 business days to one week from the time of acceptance of your order as a general rule.

If there is no stock

We are trying to ship as soon as stock items, but you may get time to deliver. If our claim to the Contact Center, you will be notified of the delivery time by e-mail.

About cancellation

If you can be released

If you have a sudden case that it becomes impossible to stock than the circumstances of discontinued or the like occurs, immediately above the contact you, you will be refunded if you give me the price in advance. In this case, when this store originated the application cancellation notice, the sales contract will be canceled.
Also, if you our consent to cancel the offer from the customer, the sales contract will be canceled.
Please refer to Article 8 THE DOG STORE Terms and Conditions for other release conditions.
In addition, it delayed delivery or non-stock, by the cancellation of the order, even if that occurred any damage to the customer or a third party, because this store is not responsible, thank you so you can understand if.

about shipping cost


Postage commodity
Products shipping separately in the products and the product page that contains the shipping in commodity prices has been set.

Shipping by product
Under the trade does not include shipping in commodity prices, and, products shipping separately in the product page has not been set.
¥ 11,000 (tax included) we will purchase more and will be shipping by product per free shipping.
If the total amount of purchase is less than ¥ 11,000 (including tax), shipping charges will occur depending on the shipping method.

If you order multiple items, including postage goods
If there is a postage commodity shipping separately in the product page has been set, shipping will be to "mailing of the fee" + "individual shipping × number of minutes".

In the case of courier

Delivery fee:550 yen nationwide (including tax)
※ The following areas are special shipping.
Remote island (Hokkaido, Okinawa) 1,100 yen (tax included)

In the case of the simple dispatch

Delivery fee:The whole country and uniform 330 yen (tax included)
If the purchase price is greater than or equal to 11,000 yen (tax included) isfree

Mailing cost consumption tax
This rate includes consumption tax.

Remote island other treatment
Some island in the region may take additional shipping.

About the consumption tax

consumption tax

sales tax rate 10%
Commodity prices Display in the consumption tax
Consumption tax calculation order Purchase consumption tax calculated for the unit price

For latent defects of goods

With the limit of the amount of damages to be paid by the Company

When the Company is responsible for damages obligation, within the range of usually cause damage, and, you shall compensate the total amount of the amount of money that we have received from the user in the past year as a limit.

For returned or exchanged

For returned goods by customer convenience

If it is within 8 days after delivery, we accept the returned goods by the convenience of the customer.
If you wish to return is, on top of the contact the following return address, please send the goods to the return address.
After we will check the goods, we will refund promptly price.

It should be noted that the cost of non-commodity price (tax-inclusive price) will be excluded from the refund.

※ case such as the following, can not accept a return.

  • Products that do not I get a message in advance returned or exchanged
  • Products that are older than 9 days after the delivery
  • The used goods
  • Products that caused the contamination or damage to after dispatch
  • Order production goods

■ return address
Osaka Prefecture Higashi Kano 5-chome No. 9 No. 2
R & J Customer Center addressed to
TEL: 0120-080-082

Contact and comments

And give us your use of the contact form on this site, you can easily procedure. Please use it.

Contact us by e-mail

E-mail: store@thedog-store.jpTo thank you.
※ Please fill in your name and phone number.
Hours / Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) 10:00 to 17:00
Overtime will be compatible after the next day.