Refund policy


Returns / exchange is after arrival of goodsWithin 8 daysThank you.
If the delivered product does not like, or if you deliver a product or defective product different from your order, exchange and return is received.
However, it is limited to unused and unopened.
※ Some products do not accept returns and cancellations due to your convenience. Please note in advance.

Return method

Return / exchange application

First of all, please contact us at the sales order reception center Hemale.
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Product return

Product Delivery Description Lower [Return / Replacement Guide] Please fill in the required items on the paper and attach it to the product and send it to the following address.

Product return destination
Osaka Prefecture Higashi Osaka City Kasune 5-chome No. 9 No. 2
R & J Customer Center
TEL: 0120-080-082

※ If you would like to pay for the product price "cash on delivery" and "Convenience store payment", please specify your transfer account.

About shipping costs during return

If you are returned or replaced due to your convenience, please pay the shipping cost required for return.
If you receive a defective product or a product different from your order, please return with cash on delivery. We will pay for the shipping cost.

About the refund method at the time of return

We will refund you to your customers' account. (Credit card payment customers are excluded)
※ Please fill out the transfer account in the [Refund destination bank transfer account] column of [Return / exchange information] enclosed with the product.
※ Please note that the shipping fee for ordering shipping fee, office fees, and refund for customers' convenience will be a burden of customers.
※ Customers who have selected credit cards for payment methods will be refunded on the web.
※ Products returned to our company with unminded address unmost (excess storage period at delivery company) are also handled by returns, and shipping, office fees, etc. are paid to our customers.

About replacement of bad products etc.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please return by cash on delivery in the above procedure. We will ship the replacement item.
However, it may not be possible to respond to the exchange of inventory. In that case, please note that it will be treated as return goods and will be compatible with refund.

Cautions for return / replacement

Please forgive the return / exchange of the following products

• Products over 9 days after delivery
• products that are not once used (customer fouling or damaged goods)
• Some of the items in the set items
• products after reaching to your address caused the contamination or damage
• product package case, manual, etc. accessory is not aligned
It should be noted that the cooling-off system is the system that is applied to the door-to-door sales.
Internet mail order, because from your mail-order get the access, cooling off system Please note that does not apply.