About your order

Can I order if I do not register a member?
It is possible to order without registration without a member, but by registering, you will be able to enjoy shopping smoothly after the next time you have no time to enter the customer information and enjoy shopping smoothly.
Display error on payment screen and can not be ordered.
After shopping, the security SSL was covered. If you have enhanced security software settings and enhancing settings in your browser, then the browser's customization (eg, add functions such as Google toolbars and plug-in tools) is successfully advanced. It may not be possible.
Excuse me, but please try in another environment once.
By changing the setting of the usage environment, there is a possibility that the customer's usage device may be interrupted.
As for the setting, we can not be responsible at our company, so please make a decision on the store purchased for configuration changes and make a decision.
Can I cancel the product you ordered?
We are very sorry, but on the system, cancellation is not available.
Also, some cancellations of your order have not been accepted as well. Please acknowledge it in advance.
I purchased some products, but can I ship (bundled) collectively?
Once your order has been completed, you can not create a product.
Please acknowledge that the product you ordered by adding is a separate shipping.
Can I change the order product / shipping destination?
If it is a product that does not change the amount of order product, it is possible to change until the delivery preparation is completed at our shop. If you wish to change, <inquiry> Please contact me.
If you wish to add products and add quantities, please order again.
Shipping destination changes will be accepted if you are contacted before the product shipping.
※ It may not be possible to accept by the timing when you contact me. Please note.
Can you always get Novelty?
Novelty is limited to quantity and will end as soon as it disappears. Please note that depending on the timing even after the end.
Can I buy novelty?
Sorry, we're unable to sell in Novelty alone.

Regarding delivery

Is the delivery date or time specification possible?
Delivery date can be specified in the form when ordering. ※ For simplified shipping, the date and time specification can not be accommodated for post posting
※ Please note that we can not accept delivery date specification for reserved products.
※ Depending on natural disasters, traffic circumstances, other circumstances, it may not be delivered in the date and day.
What should I do if you want to change the delivery date, delivery time, and shipping destination?
It is possible to change until delivery preparation is complete at our shop. inquiry> Please contact me.
Please note that we can not accept the change after that.
Please contact the delivery company directly for the request for redelivery.
Please check the package document number and delivery company as described in the mail sent at the time of product shipment.
※ Please note that the product returned to our company is treated as a return / shipping, fee, etc., as the product returned to our company is treated as a return item, the returned goods will be handled, and the customer will be borne by the customer.
What should I do if it is absent in a sudden schedule on the delivery date?
At the time of shipping by courier, we will deliver "absent notification vote" from the delivery company if it is absent. After adjusting the customer's delivery desired date during the delivery possible period, please receive the product. If you can not contact the contact information in the "Absence Contact Code", if you are in the case of the address defect, the delivery item will be sent back to the shipping source and will be treated as a return (*).
However, please be aware in advance that it will be a recurrence of customers' burden.
※ If it becomes a return, shipping, office fees, etc. will be paid and refund cancellation. We do not repeat from our shop.
How much does it take for shipping costs?
Calendar Special Set (large size, mini, tabletop set sets) or one order price total ¥ 11,000 (tax included) If you purchase more than 11,000 yen (tax included), it will be free shipping. ■ If the total amount of purchase is less than 11,000 yen (tax included), the following shipping fee will be generated.
Nationwide uniform 550 yen (tax included)
※ The following areas are special shipping.
River island (Hokkaido, Okinawa) is 1,100 yen (tax included)

■ Mini Calendar, if you purchase only the desktop calendar, the following shipping fee will be generated.
Nationwide uniform 330 yen (tax included)
It will be shipped with a simple shipping service (post posting).
※ Depending on the purchase quantity, it will be shipped by courier service, 550 yen (tax included), (Hokkaido, Okinawa is 1,100 yen (tax included)).
Can you deliver it again?
When shipping at home delivery, if you can not receive luggage due to absence, please check the Delivery Company, and contact the delivery company directly.

About returned goods

I would like to return it because the product was different.
Customer's convenience, such as order mistakes, etc. However, the cost of return / exchange fee, etc., such as return / exchange fee, etc., the cost of adding and replacing it will be borne by the customer.
If you wish to return or exchange, <inquiryPlease contact me.
※ Some products such as orders produced products and reserved products are not eligible for replacement.
※ If there is no stock of the product you want, exchange and cancellation can be done.
※ The cost of addition occurring by replacement, such as shipping costs at replacement is the burden of customers.
※※ If it is returned outside this designated address, please note that the transfer fee may be paid.
If you purchased a reserved product and the product on sale, can you send only the items that are launched earlier?
It will be shipped for each order, and all products will be delivered after arrival. Please note that we do not accept shipping by dividing your order.
I received a bad product with a bad or ordered product, can I exchange it?
Returns and exchange should be within 8 days after the product arrives.
If you deliver a product or defective product different from your order, you can exchange it and return.
However, it is limited to unused and unopened.
If the replacement product can not be prepared, we will refund the payment amount.
Please do not discard the cardboard box etc. used for packing.

However, we can not accept returns and exchanges in the following cases.
· Products over 9 days after delivery
· Products used once
(Customer's name entry product, customer being dirty or damaged goods)
· Some products in the set product
· Products that resulted in dirt and damage after delivery
· Products that do not have accessories such as package cases and instructions
For more informationHerePlease refer to the

About payment

What is the payment method available?
You can choose from Credit Card, Convenience Stores, Cash on delivery. ■ About credit card
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB are available.

■ About convenience store prepayment
※ Please pay at the convenience store selected on the payment method input screen within 5 days from the day after the order date.
Convenience store and payment method availableHere
If you have confirmed your payment, we will arrange the product shipping. If payment is not possible by the payment deadline, your order will be canceled.
※ Use of convenience store prepaid is up to 300,000 yen (tax included).
※ Please note that the convenience store prepayment fee 190 yen (tax included) will be borne by the customer.

■ About cash on delivery
Cash on delivery fee will be charged separately.

· Cash on delivery amount 1 to 10,000 yen (tax included): COD fee 330 yen (tax included)
· Cash on delivery amount 10,001 to 30,000 yen (tax included): COD fee 440 yen (tax included)
· Cash on delivery price 30,000 to 100,000 yen (tax included): COD fee 660 yen (tax included)
· Cash on delivery amount 100,000 to 300,000 yen (tax included): Delivery fee 1,100 yen (tax included)

Please pay at the time of arrival.

※ Please note that the amount of cash on delivery fee will not be displayed on the purchase screen.
※ Fees are added to purchase over 300,000 yen or more.
※ The amount of cash on delivery fee depends on the payment amount (cash on delivery amount).
※ Cash on delivery is not acceptable for simple shipping. If you use cash on delivery when ordering products to be shipped, we will change to the courier service (550 yen).
Is it possible to pay for credit card payment?
I'm sorry. In our shop, credit cards are available only for "collective payment". ※ 2 payments, installment payment (3 to 24 times), ribbill payment, bonus payment is not available.
Can I change the payment method?
On the system, you can not accept changes after ordering after ordering. Please note.
The convenience store prepayment (KOMOJU) screen does not appear.
The browser used may not be compatible.
Please refer to the following link destination that supports convenience store prepayment (KOMOJU).

【KOMOJU's recommended operating environment (browser)】
Can I use a credit card when paying by cash on delivery?
In addition to cash, you can pay by credit card.


Please issue a receipt.
We do not accept receipt issuance.
※ Please instead of the following.

[Credit settlement]: Use from credit card company
[Cash on delivery]: "Sagawa Express] to hand over the" send-by-deposit amount receipt "
[Convenience store prepayment]: Usage items issued during payment and paper passed by convenience store
Can you wrap the lapping?
Sorry, no lapping is available.
Is the color of the product listed in the shop equivalent to the real thing?
Although the image is corrected as much as possible to faithfully reproduce the color of the real, the color may differ slightly depending on the difference between the PC and Internet environment and the environment at the time of shooting. Please note.
Please tell me how to withdraw.
If you wish to withdraw, you are welcomeinquiry> Please contact me.
I want to stop delivery of e-mail magazine.
If you wish to stop, you will stop if you can press to "Subscribe" of the received e-mail magazine. Or, <inquiry> Please contact me more.
I have not received an email because I finished the order.
In our shop, when ordering is completed, the automatic delivery email "[THE DOG] confirmation of order contents" is sent. If the above email does not reach after the order is completed, please check the following if the inquiry form is completed.

1. It may be distributed to spam mail folders and trash.
⇒ If you do not receive an email, please check if the spam folder or the trash can not be sent.

2. The email address you entered at the time of order (when inquiring) may be incorrect.
⇒ に At the correct e-mail address <inquiry> Please contact me more.

3. There is a possibility that it can not be received by setting such as domain designated reception.
⇒ You need to change the email reception settings. Please check the settings of your device, but please change the setting so that you can receive "@thedog-store.jp".
Please tell me the corresponding browser.
The corresponding browser is as follows.
It supports two new versions.
· Google Chrome
· Mozilla Firefox
· Apple Safari
· Microsoft Edge
· Opera
· Apple Safari for iOS
· Google Chrome for Android

※ By setting the customer's browser even in the recommended environment,
Also, if you are looking at the other environment, you can not use this site.
Or it may not be displayed correctly.