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The Dog Calendar
Until you can
The Dog calendar with a lot of thoughts.
We introduce the flow until the calendar can be done.


The photos used for the calendar are all the photographs taken by the full-time professional photographer. Touch the dog and shoot at the place where tension is loosened. Always shoot from various angles and promote quickly safely while thinking about Wan-chan first.


We carefully selected photos of the newly shot photos and the 350 thousand photos held by the Dog. After that, while the designers make their opinions, we will produce one by one for each type of design such as layout.

Printing, processing

We do all from printing to processing at a print place in Japan (Tokyo). Progress in each process, such as color adjustment and surface processing of photos, progress while checking carefully. Also, calendar paper uses environmentally friendly recycled paper.


All the final steps, such as the tabletop calendar ring, and the package work, will be done manually, and we will finish carefully with the heart.

Calendar completion

The Dog Calendar with a lot of commitments and thoughts. Enjoy various expressions and poses of lively animals!